Thursday, June 16, 2011

South Platte, 11 Mile Canyon, Co

Redefining "Keepin' it Real"

Date: Saturday June 11, 2011
Weather: Sunny with a few storms that moved in and out
Insect/Activity: Few caddis in the air, few baetis emerging, Suckers moving into the shallows but not spawning yet.
Flows: 107

My 35 week, bursting with baby, pregnant wife redefined "keepin' it real" this last weekend. As we near the birth of our first born we knew she didn't have many fishing opportunities left this summer, so we headed out to the river with Ben, Matt and Chris to spend a day enjoying the river. Needless to say - Michelle is awesome!!!! She spent 8 hours on the river with a smile on her face (except when she was mad, and throwing her hat at me for losing a fish :)

It was a fantastic day on the water. Michelle and I had a bit of a slow morning, but still managed to put some nice fish on the line and even a few on dries. The afternoon really heated up for us though as I think the barometer dropped from a few "quickie" storms and the baetis were on the move.

Whenever the baetis are on the move you don't want to be caught dead without our Blacktail Baetis pattern (since it was designed to imitate emerging baetis). We never really switched up flies once the fished turned on. Not much need to when you are hooking up or getting strikes every time you put the fly in front of a fish.

Needless to say, that is one happy pregnant woman and I had a pretty fantastic day too!

If you are wondering, this is the time to fish 11 MC before they start bringing the flows up! Get out there and have a good time!



  1. Jeff ... Great to see you and Michelle having some serious fun in the canyon. I went yesterday afternoon/evening, and experienced similar conditions, a quick rain that sent a lot of people home, and the fish were feeding heavy in the shallow edge waters. So much fun!

    Blessings to you and Michelle ... praying for a safe, healthy delivery!

    Two Guys ~ Wet Waders & Flies

  2. That woman is a keeper dude! and your already fishing with the Kiddo!
    Good stuff!

  3. Never thought of it that way - "already fishing with the Kiddo!" Good stuff! Technically, the boy has caught fish even before he was born!

    I like it!

  4. Ah! Great pics! And I echo the good thought that you are "already fishing with the Kiddo!" Nice!

  5. Just came across the blog...prego and fishing?! That is too cool! LEGIT.

  6. Yeah, my wife was impressing me with her willingness to go fishing so late in pregnancy!

    Now, we just have to get out with a newborn ... that has been tougher than I thought it would be. Tried a few times without success. :-)

  7. This is great Pics of yours to doing fishing Thanks for this post!!