Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Secret Creeks, CO

Date: Various dates throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring
Weather: Mostly Colorado blue skies
Insect activity: Varied
Patterns used: Classics (Hare's Ear, Cut-wing Caddis, Adams)

I'm not much for secrets. In Gunnison, there just wasn't the need. Why keep a secret when there's hundreds of miles of rivers. Some of my best kept secrets in the area were high mountain lakes that held 3 lb cutthroat, but I was always free-flowing with the information since they required a long enough hike into the mountains to weed out the casual fisherman.

Flash-forward to front range life and it's a little different. So many anglers competing for so little water, I have found the need to keep a few secrets now. However, I couldn't help but share a couple of images from these undisclosed locations. The fish aren't big, but their beauty is unsurpassed!

Sometimes secrets are still worth keeping ;)

This fish was so golden, I actually looked up golden trout when I got home just to be sure someone hadn't slipped one into the ecosystem years ago. Turns out it's just a really gorgeous rainbow. But ... you never know, the old settlers used to pack in goldens all over the western states back in the day. Maybe sometime I'll run across a secret stash.
Holy darkness batman! Same creek as the "golden" colored rainbow. What a cool difference in nature.
It doesn't get much better than a well colored brookie!
A fantastic brown with some great color!


  1. Those are some gorgeous little fish! I love the par marks on that little brookie!

  2. Yeah, pretty amazing colors on all of them. It seems like you get that a lot more on small creeks!