Friday, February 27, 2009

New Article and Seasoned Vice!

I just finished loading up a new article to the website called "Longing for Summer Days" by Jay. I love his writing style, it always has so much thought to offer. You can't just read it, you have to put yourself into it and it really comes alive. Plus, he loves to use words that you have to look up in a dictionary (like "allochthonous appetizers", which, in river terms, means a food source from outside the river).

Good stuff!

Plus, I just uploaded a new Seasoned Vice tying instructions on the Micro Beetle. It's a late season pattern, but since it's tied in a #26 it'll give you just enough time to master tying it before Fall rolls around.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Allen Brothers Road Trip

Here is a fun thing... Jay and I are heading out on the road with the company next weekend. It'll be our "first such mission for the company" (Seinfeld) as we head to the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo.

I'm hoping to post more the closer we get to the show, and maybe even do a bit of twittering from the show. I think it's going to be a really good time. We have come up with some really fun displays to show off our stuff, and are planning on giving away a bunch of flies. So, if you are in the Detroit, MI, area March 7th and 8th you should swing in and check us out. Plus there will be a bunch of other cool booths too.

Then... shortly after (on Monday) the wife and I are heading to Cozumel for 6 days (I'm very excited about this). Hoping to try and hike into some bonefishing that Jay and I have previously only accessed from a boat, but thanks to Google Earth we think we have found a way on foot. Rock on! I'll definitely be chronicling that on my blog.

Tight Lines,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Follow me on Facebook

Sorry, if this is pretty "geeky" right now. I'm mostly just finding out all the cool ways how I can make my blog show up on my facebook and other things like that.

Speaking of... if you want to become friends on facebook just click here


Picasa and Mac's rule!

Check out the links on the right, specifically the "fly-fishing pictures". I downloaded this application that lets me load photos straight from iPhoto up to Picasa (google's online photo sharing program). Then I just log in and put some quick captions and it's good to go!

I think it's pretty sweet way to upload photos. Click on the pictures and it'll take you to the album so you can see them bigger, read the captions and comment on them.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where to Begin?

I started this blog a little over a month ago now... This is my first entry.

Funny how that works. It's almost been the fact that I started a blog made it hard to come up with the first entry. Lately, Jay and I have been kicking out a bunch of content for the website (most of it being the articles), and it's definitely necessary. Ultimately, I don't really know the future of Allen Brothers "knowledge base" so to speak. While it's nice to have things on the website, blogging definitely seems to be the better venue for most of our rantings, ravings and thoughts on fly-fishing. I suppose you'll see a lot of cross posting.

Either way, I'm sure the blogs will be the place where the most dialogue will happen. So, back to the point...
I envision this blog to be a place where I'll post just about anything and everything. Fishing reports, pictures, river tactics and techniques, funny observations... you name it (in regards to fly-fishing) and it will probably show up in this blog eventually.

I also expect that as time goes on and I figure all this out, you'll see it linked to my facebook, twitter, picasa and any other cool web ideas that I end up joining. And once all that's figured out I'll get Jay on here doing the same stuff (he's a little technologically challenged, funny how 5 years age difference can do that).

Anyway, hope you stay plugged in, comment a lot, and enjoy what you read and see.

Here's a picture of a fish to satisfy the reason you probably logged onto this blog in the first place.

Happy Fishing!
- Jeff