Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where to Begin?

I started this blog a little over a month ago now... This is my first entry.

Funny how that works. It's almost been the fact that I started a blog made it hard to come up with the first entry. Lately, Jay and I have been kicking out a bunch of content for the website (most of it being the articles), and it's definitely necessary. Ultimately, I don't really know the future of Allen Brothers "knowledge base" so to speak. While it's nice to have things on the website, blogging definitely seems to be the better venue for most of our rantings, ravings and thoughts on fly-fishing. I suppose you'll see a lot of cross posting.

Either way, I'm sure the blogs will be the place where the most dialogue will happen. So, back to the point...
I envision this blog to be a place where I'll post just about anything and everything. Fishing reports, pictures, river tactics and techniques, funny observations... you name it (in regards to fly-fishing) and it will probably show up in this blog eventually.

I also expect that as time goes on and I figure all this out, you'll see it linked to my facebook, twitter, picasa and any other cool web ideas that I end up joining. And once all that's figured out I'll get Jay on here doing the same stuff (he's a little technologically challenged, funny how 5 years age difference can do that).

Anyway, hope you stay plugged in, comment a lot, and enjoy what you read and see.

Here's a picture of a fish to satisfy the reason you probably logged onto this blog in the first place.

Happy Fishing!
- Jeff

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