Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the Lake: Lake, Ontario, Canada

July 1 - 8, 2010

Some men find fortune in this life ... Such is the case with my Grandfather, who in 1972 was divinely "led" to a Lake in Canada where he purchased two cabins on a couple of acres of land for just over $6000. Ever since then, the cabins have been in the family (along with the BEST location on the Lake one could ever ask for) and to say we've enjoyed Grandpa's investment would be the understatement of a lifetime.

Really, this is where it all began for Jay and I. Dad raised us on rock-bass at the young age of "as soon as we could stand and hold a 3 foot spinning rod". His motto if you want to get someone hooked on fishing - give them a good experience (which worked well on my wife too!). He always took us fishing for rockies because they were so easy to catch at a young age, and as we grew we graduated to smallmouth bass, pike and that path led us to fly fishing for trout, for which I will ever be grateful to my father.

Now, when I go to Canada it's the only time I ever touch a spin rod. The complications of going out in a boat full of people and fly fishing makes it tough. Though, I do find myself heading out in the boat alone some days to twitch damsel flies under the surface, or use deer-hair divers on the surface. Catching smallmouth bass on a popper is a pretty epic experience!

Our lake has pike in it too, though I've yet to land one on the fly. Jay caught a 5 lb. pike on the fly last year, but my few outings this year with a large streamer didn't produce. Next year I hope to correct that.

The fishing was great, the water was crystal clear and the weather was beautiful! Couldn't have asked for a better trip. I even got out one afternoon with Michelle and found a rock bar that you could barely get your popper on the water without a 1 lb. smallmouth crushing it!

Good memories! Old and new.


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