Monday, September 27, 2010

Some catching up to do

If you follow this blog, you've not doubt noticed a serious lack of entries this summer.

Moving has been painful ... you don't realize how much time it takes to pack your life up into neat little boxes, only to unpack all those boxes 3 days later (or 3 months later in my case).

Beyond that, depression has set in ... I have now fully realized what it means to be a "weekend warrior" and the pain of knowing I have to drive a minimum of 1.5 hours in order to put a trout on the end of the line.

It is a sad day my friends.

On the bright side, I'm starting to get caught up on summer blogging and hope to keep things short as I post about 15 new blogs over the next few weeks. I've got the folks coming out for Thanksgiving and we hope to get up to the Frying Pan for two days. I hope to make that my goal: All blogs caught up by then, so I can post a fresh report of some Frying Pan fish in the late fall!

Stay tuned ...
Tight lines,


  1. I just found your blog through Networked Blogs. Can't wait to read some posts! =_)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Thanks Ryan, should be coming soon, just got to get the pics off my camera to start loading another round of posts.