Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the River: East River, Gunnison, Colorado

May 15, 2010

A short jaunt to the East River during one of my favorite seasons to fish it! Sadly, living in Colorado Springs now, that is a statement you won't get to hear much from me. In the Gunnison days, we really could head out to the river for an evening hatch after work. Living a minimum of an hour from trout water makes that a little tougher to do.

I love fishing the East River in the pre-runoff season because you can hit days where the water is just starting to come up (i.e. greenish murky) but is easy to wade, and the fish are stuffing themselves with any and everything being washed down the river by the slightly increased flows.

If you are just beginning your love affair with this sport and are in need of some encouragement here is my best suggestion: Buy some flies with a tungsten bead (AB hare's Ear, AB Pheasant Tail, AB Prince Nymph) and fish them below an indicator in slightly off-colored water. It's the best time to catch fish when they aren't too spooky, are feeding like crazy, and lots of nymphs that the hare's ear/pheasant tail genre are in the water. The strikes will be solid!

Having said all that, that is pretty much how our few hours went. Numerous fish, slamming a single Hare's Ear set about 3 feet below an indicator.

If it's not pre-runoff season, just look for summer days when there has been a light rainstorm recently and you may get a taste of what it's like!



  1. Hno. de los anzuelos, jeff:
    Hermosos lugares.
    Felicitaciones por tus pescas. Sigue así.
    Que seas muy feliz en la vida.
    Desde la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina,
    Un abrazo y,...
    Un afectuoso sapukay.-

  2. Leo, gracias por las amables palabras! Me alegro de que le gustaba las fotos. Mi hermano está mirando realmente trabajan para un rancho de pesca en Argentina para el invierno.

    Tener en observación permanente, que debería publicar más pronto.

    Traduje esto con traductor de google así que espero que esto tiene sentido!