Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, in three days time Jay and I will be hitting our first ever fly fishing competition. Yes... that's right, we are heading to the Teva Mtn. Games in Vail, CO.

I must admit that I'm a little torn between mixing fly fishing and competition. In all fairness, it's more of a publicity stunt since we figure there will be a lot of fly fisherman gathered in one spot, and by simply sporting a t-shirt with our name and information on it, we will be able to get the word out about our business. The irony of being there is that I'm not much of a "competitive spirit" kind of guy (translation: competition makes me nervous and I usually choke and lose it).

We do have these sweet t-shirts I designed (see below) that I think will be pretty cool and not too terribly shameless. Plus, when it's all said and done we'll probably be putting some smaller logos on it and printing some for sale on the website.

All in all, I think it'll be a fun weekend. Jay and I are meeting in Vail tonight, and it's going to be two days of "prep" by hitting the river, tying a lot of flies and casting at hoops in a grassy lawn. Not too bad of a 4 day weekend in anyones book if you ask me. Plus, if we make it to the final round we get a free float trip and a chance to win some gear.

If you're headed that way be sure to look for the guys in the Allen Brothers t-shirts and give us a shout (we'll be the two that look a lot alike).


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  1. Sweeeet! Always good to get out for a little exposure. Your business, that is, and what better place than at the games?

    Dude - best of luck to both you and Jay - look forward to some pics and a recap of your adventures.

    And remember - if the pressure of competition gets a little too hot, use the old presenter's trick of trying to picture the fish in their underwear. Or is that the audience...? I forget.

    safe roads and tight lines.