Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the River: Spring Creek, Gunnison, CO

Well, it wouldn't be fair if I only blogged every time the fishing was good ...

You'll notice there are no pictures with this blog and it's really short. The fishing was pretty bad. We headed out for a few hours and thought getting up to higher elevations we could find some clear or slightly off color water. It worked, but spring creek was raging pretty good and to be honest with you I tried a lot of different things and just didn't hook up with much (which is funny because Spring creek is holds mostly small fish that are easy to catch). I was really hoping to show up to a decent Mother's Day Caddis hatch, but that didn't happen either.

All in all I started picking up some smaller fish with a bead headed pheasant tail. None worth getting my camera out for. I even got schooled by a couple of 12" fish in one pool. I threw about 3 different patterns at them and got some great drifts, but alas, it was to no avail.

I'll never complain about being out in the fresh air though, enjoying life!

Tighter lines ... next time.


  1. Being out and about, and losing yourself in the moment is best part about this sport - hooking some fish are a bonus. Although it never hurts to land a few big 'uns in the process.

    This just gives you another excuse to get out again real soon....

  2. I hope you at least had some licorice nibs or something to enjoy even though the fish weren't biting. You know me the fishing trip is all about the snacks. Being out in the quiet sounds so relaxing and refreshing! Miss you little bro!

  3. Argh! Hearing you talk about fishing the Taylor is like salt in the wound where my Man-Card once resided - that River and I have a sick, twisted, embryonic relationship that modern science cannot (nor do they want to) explain.

    I'm about ready to head up to Cottonwood Pass with a hair dryer and shovel to open the route myself....

  4. I drove there a few days ago. Looked about the same as your description. Nice blog man!

  5. Good to know spring creek hasn't changed. I noticed some of the CB rivers are still looking, high, but they've lost the chocolate. Shouldn't be too long before the valley gets fishable again.

    How's the lake fork looking?