Wednesday, August 31, 2011

South Platte, Cheeseman Canyon, Colorado

Catch Up: This event occurred in the not to distant past ...

Date: Monday February 21, 2011
Weather: Sunny, High's in the 40's
Insect/Activity: Few midge in the air
Flows: Low, can't remember, but probably well below 100 CFS

Michelle and I were chomping at the bit to get a break from the Arkansas River in Pueblo. So, the first day we had off that the temps were looking nice we headed to Cheeseman.

I actually made a mistake that I won't be duplicating anytime soon ... we went pretty far upstream and got bamboozled! Don't get me wrong, Cheeseman has fish all up that canyon, but the further you go the tighter the canyon gets. The tighter the canyon gets the more you are faces with deep holes and weird currents. That makes nymphing particularly tough since you can't get your flies down to where the fish are (sometimes 8 feet deep, sitting backward, facing a rock, because that's where the current is bringing them food), and even if you do the amount of weight used tends to make your drift pretty heinous.

All that to say, we had a FUN day, but it wasn't too productive. I did some seining for fun because I had just made a new seine net (I'll post the instructions soon!) and picked up a few fish on midge patterns. Had a couple of good hookups too!


  1. Right on,, seining in there sounds way cool...

  2. This is great Pics of Cheeseman Thanks for this post!!

  3. Hey Jeff, I just stumbled onto your blog and really enjoyed reading it. I grew up in Castle Rock and now live in North Carolina, so keeping up with the home waters through you will be great. Keep up the great posts. THANKS

    1. Thanks for the compliments Cope! North Caroline has some good waters if you can get over to the South Holston in Tenn. I love that river! I have a blog on it as well.