Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the River: East River, Gunnison, Colorado

The wife and I headed out for some winter fishing this afternoon.

If I can diverge for a moment, I'm soooooo over winter! It's funny that I moved out here for college and the prospect of skiing all the time, and now ... I live for the summers. That's sort of the fate of this valley; it seems to be a common theme.

Anyway, It was a great time, and if you haven't read my article on winter midging you should go check it out. It was a perfect day for midges.

We showed up at around 1:30 and it was a balmy 19 degrees out. Actually, with the sun it was quite nice, and there was no wind either. The guides iced up pretty frequently, but we weren't wearing gloves so that's always a bonus.

Truth be told, it wasn't epic, but we showed up and there were a few risers here and there. After a few minutes of fishing dries with no luck, we switched to a #24 olive midge and fished the deep slow runs. It was classic winter midge fishing. The takes were super slow, and when you hooked up with the fish they were very sluggish.

All in all, good times, and just wonderful to be out on the river with no gloves on, pretending it was summer!

Tight lines,

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