Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rogue River Steelhead

Jay and I got out on the river Monday morning before doing some video work on our fly-ting business (the Allen Brothers). It was a good chance to check out what is soon to be my new home-waters. No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more posts from me on the Rogue. On February 1, 2013 Michelle and I move in to a new home we purchased and it’s a short 5 minute drive from downtown Rockford, MI
Jay caught this sweet steelhead just last week on the Rogue River. I'm pretty excited to move to Rockford, MI next month and be so close to some decent fishing!
Jay with a hefty steelhead!
Currently, the Rogue seems to be a “marginal” trout stream due to pretty warm temps in the summer. But my endless optimism, when it comes to trout, thinks it has the potential to be EPIC with proper management and and regulations. No doubt I’ll try and get involved in that arena.
We had a great time on the river. The fishing wasn’t anything to write home about, but the conversation was great. It’s been awesome these last few months “getting to know” my brother again. We’ve always been best friends, but have lived in different parts of the country for the last 15 years.
Getting ready for the release.
Getting ready for the release.
I think we were on the water for about 4 hours and landed three fish – one 13″ rainbow, a 17″ jack steelhead and this hefty steelhead that jay picked up. The rainbow came on a scud, but the rest were on a classic egg pattern.
Looking forward to blogging more and getting “back on the wagon”!

Location: Rockford, MI
Date: Monday December 31, 2012
Weather: Cold and clear, just above freezing
Insect/Activity: None
Patterns Used: Pheasant TailGammarus Scud, Egg
Flows: 175

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