Friday, March 4, 2011

On the River: Dream Stream, South Platte, Hartsel, CO

November 13, 2010

This will be a short and sweet one ... another attempt to hit the big "Fall Run" on the DS. It was a pretty good morning and we were finding plenty of fish. Ben hooked up with this VERY hefty rainbow very early on.

We each picked up a couple of average fish and didn't really spot many browns (not like in previous years). Surprisingly, the weather was chillier than we had hoped for. It topped out somewhere around 30 degrees and Michelle headed back to the car just before lunch as the wind was picking up. She figured reading a book in a warm car was a better idea ... I think she chose wisely.

After lunch the fishing started heating up, but nothing "above average" and the wind was a howling force, so it was that at 2 PM Ben and I found ourselves staring at wind knots and figuring it wasn't worth the frozen fingers.

Everything was standard fare, fished baetis patterns and some eggs, picked up fish on all of them. There was no real bug activity and no standout patterns.

It's days like this that you just have to be happy to be outside, breathing fresh air, and putting a few fish on the line.

Up next ... my super post of about 7 days of fishing on the Arkansas in Pueblo, CO throughout the winter. Some good times!

Tight lines ... dreamin' of Spring!



  1. Good read Jeff, I too dreamin, of spring.. About the browns... heard a report of two guides throwing every brown they caught on the bank of the gunnison, right near "that spot that gets overlooked".... I even talked to one of the numbnuts involved, they do this because the clients want rainbows... Pretty messed up huh?.. So next time the browns dont want to play.... maybe you have been robbed!

  2. Yeah, that leaves you pretty speechless! and angry!!!!! Sadly, I don't think there's enough DOW guys to catch that kind of stuff either.

    I miss the Gunny, that's for sure. All you have to do is move away to realize that the Canyon and the Gorge is some of the best water in the COUNTRY!