Friday, December 18, 2009

Jackson Wyoming 2009: Part 3 of 7

October 5, 2009
Part 3

Day 2 is when the snow hit.

We went to sleep the night before and knew we were in for a bit of snow, nothing much really ... until we awoke at about 1 AM with the tent roof resting about 1 foot above our faces! It was quite hilarious really, Jay was the first to notice this abnormality so he woke up and proceeded to remove the snow from the roof of the tent by pushing up. Josh, who was sleeping the closest to the wall that the snow fell to woke up convinced that a large animal was attacking him (which is a pretty normal response to a very weird noise just outside the tent)!

All in all, we woke up twice more that night to relieve the tent of snow strain. When morning hit we were most concerned about getting our cars out of camp (a solid 2 miles from a paved road).

After a lengthy morning of shuffling gear, getting breakfast and tying some flies we decided to fish Blacktail ponds for the morning, and then spend a bit of time on the Snake. The weather was pretty miserable, which had our hopes up for baetis.

Unfortunately, we arrived at Blacktail Ponds only to find the Cutthroat population was pretty decimated. What was the true cause we don't know, though later in the week we heard rumor from some others that the spring creek had been heavily poached (very sad day). All I know is that a 1/4 mile spring creek that usually holds 200 fish, was at best holding 25. We made the best of what we could, but the saddest factor of all was that the baetis were rolling off like some sort of odd "reverse rain" (see the video, just before the camera ducks underwater and you'll see the blanket of baetis). Had the fish numbers been there, we would have no doubt been in baetis heaven!

We had a couple of fish on, landed a few, then we decided to head downstream to the main current of the Snake River. The Snake turned out to be a good time, mostly catching smaller fish in the 12" range on dries.

All in all, I wouldn't consider the day a loss. With the morning's events it took us until about noon to get on the river, so we mostly decided to make a day of fishing and testing out the camera equipment to see what it could do. While the fishing may have been pretty poor, we did get to see Greg's Canon 5D Mark II camera do some pretty excellent performing with the underwater camera bag.

We also took advantage of the nasty weather, and Greg got some great arial shots of Jay casting at the end of the day.
© 2009 Greg M. Cooper

Gotta make lemonade out of lemons right?



  1. Looks like a cold day in that tent, I dig the under water video and the arial shots. Way to make lemonade!!

  2. You know, sleeping wasn't too bad, it was the waking up to the snow and the fact that snow makes everything wet, and that's not so good in a tent where you can't really dry anything.

    Yeah, for what the week was like we got some pretty good footage. I hope to be posting it on our youtube page
    when I get some time to put it together.

  3. Jeff! Ah man, that still looks like it was a great time.

    The underwater shot was incredible - that camera worked extremely well, didn't it?

    Love the overhead shot, too. Overpass or can Greg actually fly?

    Just getting back into the swing of things, guys are going to have your booth set up at the show this week, correct?

  4. Yes, I was thoroughly impressed with that camera. Though I'm no video buff like yourself, it was the first time I've ever been a part of something that I felt looked "professional".

    We've got some overhead video of the casting as well. I suspect you'll be seeing a fair amount of footage from that trip in the years to come. It just may take me a while to get to editing it down to short, manageable clips.

    No, Greg's been working on flying but doesn't have it yet, so we had to use the overpass. It's an old iron bridge that crosses the Snake River, south of Jackson, WY