Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long time coming, Jackson Wyoming 2009: Part 1 of 7

October 4, 2009
Part 1

We had been planning this trip to the Jackson area for some time. The idea was to get some pretty serious fishing done in one of the best seasons in the Jackson area. In the fall you have the usual low water sight nymphing, great baetis hatches, and a brown trout pre-spawn run out of Lewis and Jackson Lakes that brings some seriously large feeding browns to the rivers. To top it off, the main goal was to do some filming and get some Allen Brothers videos up and running on the internet. Our good friend, Greg Cooper, was going to bring along his Canon 5D Mark II still camera that apparently has some buzz in the video world because of it's amazingly high quality (that I will show you in the next couple of months!).

A typical western fall is pretty awesome. The skies are usually clear, the temperatures are cool, but not so cold that fishing is difficult, and a lot of the time the cooler nights bring pretty active fish because the heat of the day and low water flows of late summer are gone. And, my favorite reason, tourist season has ended and most of the time the rivers are pretty empty (of people that is).

But alas, the sea was angry that week my friends, like an old man trying to send soup back at a deli (Seinfeld). The plan was to camp out that whole week at a site our friend Kevin had set up just before our arrival. Day 2, we woke up with 8" of snow and the tent collapsed on top of us ... That is a pretty good analogy for what the whole week was like for us. Raging wind, cold temps, snow, freezing rain, fluctuating water levels and brown trout that apparently didn't get the memo about the pre-spawn in the fall.

But, part of being a man is to make do with what you've got. So, that's what we did and in the end, we had some pretty lousy fishing, even worse filming, but a great time; and when I look back at the video and photo review of the week, I have to say, some awesome fish!

Stay tuned in to the website and the blog. My plan is to bring this Wyoming trip to you in a 7 part series. Also, we hope to get the video footage into the cutting room (my living room) and come up with some pretty sweet film "shorts". Hopefully, it will keep us all sane through the winter.



  1. Stunning shot -- can't wait for more.

  2. Jeff - looking forward to reading about your 'adventure' and seeing all the amazing footage you boys managed to pull in.

    If the above picture is any indication of what's to come, all I have to say is 'wow'.

  3. Jeff,

    Looking forward to reading more about your trip. I love those days, where you have to regroup and make your game plan a little bit better than the previous day. Good job.


  4. Yeah, they are bitter sweet. Frustration at the moment, but rewarding when it all clicks and you know you've learned something valuable.