Friday, August 28, 2009

On the River: Taylor River C and R, Gunnison, Colorado

August 23, 2009

After a long day of fishing the Arkansas and a late night watching the Leadville 100, we headed home and Ben came to stay for the night so he could fish the Taylor C and R on Sunday. I had a meeting around 1 PM, so my wife left me for my friend (yeah, I know it sounds bad) and they went fishing without me : (

By the time I rolled up around 3 PM, Ben had already thoroughly broken in his new rod with this 26" Brown! on an Allen Brothers Olive Midge Pupa that he tied using the instructions off the website.

Ben had to leave before too long, and I helped Michelle hook a few fish and land a 15" Brown, but soon an afternoon storm rolled in and put us out of commission. We weathered the storm and went back out to fish, but by that time it was getting late and the visibility was gone.

I will say, seeing Ben's fish really got me salivating to make a day of really trying to land a tank up there. I always seem to half-ass it and get up there for just a few hours here and there. Not really the way to do it if you want to land one of those monsters.

I'll be back there soon, and you'll hear about it. I guarantee it.

Tight Lines,


  1. Holy cow! Way to go Ben - that is one gnarly looking fish! Ok...the head of that thing - is it just me, or does it have a goofy, big head and a long, squishy body??? Or is that just because of the way he's holding it?

    Leadville 100 is a brutal run (from what I hear) - congratulations to your buddies on their finishes.

    Jeff - flies arrived today - THANKS! These are QUALITY! Can't wait to try out the Hare's Ear - hopefully in Cheeseman this Thursday...and possibly the Taylor on Saturday (I have some unfinished Hog Hunting that I need to do....)

  2. heh, his head was totally out of proportion. It's exaggerated in the photo, but I did notice it while we had him in the net too.

    He looks like a bit of a grandpa -- skinny in his old age but probably quite the specimen in his prime (if the head's anything to go by).

  3. Ben - he's quite the specimen now! You're probably right though - he does appear to be a little 'aged'...and wiser, which makes that catch all that much more special.

    Take a few years off him, and fill out that body and you're looking at a 10 lb + hog.

  4. Well, at least I didn't catch anything till Jeff showed up; he just has that magic touch!

  5. Yeah, that dude is a Grandpa.

    There are a few things I've noticed in my trips to the C and R. The Browns are almost always snake-like, but I think they fill out (and add length) during the spring, when the food source is heavier.

    The rainbows just seem to be more aggressive when it comes to feeding. I think that's why they always stay more plump.