Friday, April 17, 2009


Oh, the Spring! It's such a tease. You think that winter is nearing an end, and then suddenly ... 6" of new snow on April 17th. It is not so much that a little spring storm has got me all riled up, but the fact that the weather has decided to make the last 3 weekends unfishable with rain, snow and massive amounts of wind. To make matters worse, come Monday morning the clouds roll away and it's a sunny 50 degrees.

I think, to the fly fisherman, that is what is so hard about the winter. Sure you can get out plenty of days if your prepared and willing to be a little patient for the right weather, but then you start to dream of summer days (jay actually wrote a great article that you should check out) and think you are nearing them, only to find that Spring is still in the way and even though the air is warmer, the conditions can be pretty tough (especially in the West).

I have no real point to this entry, except to express my displeasure that Michelle and I were planning on heading to the lower Gunnison River Gorge and soak up the sun, and now it is not so.


  1. HA! Out of all the blogs I've been reading this afternoon, this entry made me laugh, being that I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Let's hope for Spring, warmer temps, milder conditions and tight lines....

  2. You're right - it was Cheeseman Canyon - basically my dojo being that that is about the only place I seem to go during the winter (akin to a security blanket) - but watch out, we'll be hitting the Taylor and Gunni quite a bit this year again - I'll be the dweeb sporting the video cam in one hand while trying to cast with my other.

    I'll keep my eyeballs peeled for the upcoming post you mentioned....